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Our Lord is the One Who has put billions of pieces of information in a place so small that our eyes cannot even see it.
Allah is the One Who has created us, our eyes, our hair, and our feet.
He is also the Creator of our families, parents, brothers and sisters, friends and teachers.
Allah is the One Who has created the food that we love for us, chocolates, cakes and candies, the fruits and vegetables that make us healthy and strong. If Allah had not created it, we would not have known what chocolate tasted like.
Allah has also given us the sense of taste and smell. If He had not given us these faculties, we would not have been able to taste the things that we eat. It would have been the same whether we ate a potato or a cake. Allah hasn't just created delicious and beautifully scented foods, He has also given us the faculties that will allow us to enjoy them.
You like some things, and you enjoy them and think of them as fun. It could be a dessert that you enjoy eating, a game that you enjoy playing, or an outing with people you love. You must never forget that Allah is the One Who makes it possible for you to enjoy such things.
Since Allah has great mercy for you, He always gives you pleasant and beautiful things.
To begin with, you did not exist. Just think, you were nowhere before you were conceived. You were nothing. Allah created you. He made you out of nothing.
Then we must be grateful to Allah for each moment of our lives. In everything that we enjoy and love, we must remember Allah, and say, "O Allah I am forever grateful to you for all your offerings." If we come across a situation that we do not like, we should again pray to Allah, because He is the only One Who can put things right.
Allah always hears our prayers and responds to them, because He always knows what is in our thoughts. While reading this website, for instance, you are thinking of some things, but if you do not say them aloud, no one at home will know what you are thinking. Allah, however, knows your every thought and sees you all the time. Even when you think you are alone, Allah sees you and knows everything that you do.
For this reason, good people, even when they are by themselves, do not think, "Well no one can see me now" and then do wrong things. They know that Allah still sees and hears them even when no one else is around.
The drawing on the right is a cartoon of Darwin, the founder of the theory of evolution. This cartoon indicates that the theory of evolution has collapsed. The theory of evolution in our time has taken quite a beating just like Darwin in the cartoon.


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Adnan Oktar's cat, brother of honey biscuit: caramel biscuit

Animals that travel

There are many migratory animals in nature: Birds, butterflies, turtles, salmon and eels are only a few of them. The distances these animals travel during migration is expressed in thousands, even in tens of thousands of kilometers. Do you know how does the new generation of Monarchs that has never before gone on a migratory flight know the way? The migration story of Monarch butterflies and the wondrous journey of the salmon will fascinate you!

Animals that can hide

Allah has created all animate beings with features that differ according to the environment in which they live. Every living thing uses these features to protect itself or to hunt. Some conceal themselves with expert techniques of hiding themselves or in another name camouflage. Some turn to mimicry and others employ different intelligent tactics.You will see some fascinating animal features in this film, and will watch examples of the art of Allah's creation in nature.

A journey in the world of animals

We know that we, and all other living beings, are created by God. Furthermore, God meets all the needs of all the beings. Thanks to His infinite mercy and compassion, we live in this world in peace and happiness. So now let’s examine some animals and their life cycles. There are countless miracles in the world of animals.

A voyage through the universe

The huge void containing our Earth, the Sun that warms us, and the Moon and the stars that twinkle in the night sky, is known as the universe. But how big is it? You may think that the area from one end of the city you live in, to the other end, is very large. Some of you may have traveled from one end to the other of your country and you have seen how big it is. Some of you may even have traveled to far-off countries. But, do not forget… Even if you have gone all around the world, the distances involved are still nothing compared to the vastness of the universe. The space occupied by the Earth in the universe is no bigger than a grain of sand!

Let's get to know our Prophets

Prophets have called people, in the societies where they have been sent, to worship God. They have told the people that they will be punished if they do not worship Him.

With their superior, moral characteristics, prophets have been examples to people because of their closeness to God and carefully-considered behavior.

Now, let’s get to know some of these prophets; let’s see what they have said to their peoples and find out about the things they did which we can use as examples.

Knowing our lord

Who created you? Who gave you your hair and your eyes their color? Who said how tall you would be and what color your skin would be? And, Who created your mother, your father and your friends? Who created mountains, trees, the sea, the Sun, and the Moon? Who created cats and dogs, squirrels, giraffes, and the other creatures?

Most of you will all answer these questions in the same way: “God created us and everything else.” Of course, this is the right answer! So, how well do you know Almighty God, the Creator of us and the whole universe? God has revealed Himself to us in the Qu’ran. In this film, we will get to know God through the verses of the Qu’ran and try to get closer to Him.

Life in the seas

The schools we study in, the parks where we play, the air we breathe, the sky above, the mountains with peaks, the rivers with rushing waters are all things of our world. Other entities, apart from us, also live on the Earth. Birds, zebras, elephants, giraffes, cats… Trees, flowers, fruits, vegetables… Yet, there is also another world that these plants and animals, including us, cannot live in!

God has created them in an ideal form to live in the seas and oceans. There are entities also here. Let us now take a short trip and get to know some of the creatures that live in the sea.

Mother's love and solidarity

Once you were all cute little kids. Your mother and your father looked after you very well and protected you from every danger. You grew up. The cute little animals you see are still babies… They need to be fed and protected. Their parents will protect them from danger, feed them, and make big sacrifices for them. Come on, let’s see together the sacrifices that animals make for their young and the solidarity and care they have for one another.

Our cute friends

Dear Children! In this film, we will watch penguins displaying self-sacrifice for their young and cute beavers building wonderful dams and lodges. Throughout the film, we will see these creatures, as well as ourselves, are created by God. All beauties and living beings in nature demonstrate to us God’s greatness. What we should do is to remember His existence all the time and be thankful to Him for all the blessings He has given us.

The blessings around us

The fact of creation

Don’t forget that when we look at a beautiful painting, we must praise not the painting itself but the artist who made it. In the face of the wondrous creation in the world of nature, we must praise the Creator Who made it all and revealed it to us. Every creature on earth is a proof of His power and creative artistry. Without a doubt it is Almighty God Who created us, loves us and gives us all our many blessings.